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Mailing Address:

                       MIR Parents, Inc., Turnagain Elementary School, 3500 West Northern Lights Blvd., Anchorage, AK  99517

Phone:       (907) 742-7200

2018-19 MIR Parents Board Members

                     Past-President, Heather Probasco

                       President, Karen Loeffler-Quintieri

                       Vice-President, Inna Erickson

                       Vice-President, Caitlin Jaksic

                       Vice-President, Maria Belozertseva

                       Vice-President, Valerie Ekberg-Brown

                       Treasurer, Karen Biggs

                       Secretary, Carly Potgieter

2017-18 MIR Parents Board Members

                       President, Heather Probasco

                       Vice-President, Inna Erickson

                      Vice-President, Caitlyn Jaksic

                       Vice-President of Finance, Kristian Dahl

                       Treasurer, Karen Biggs

                       Secretary, Carly Potgieter


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